Monday, June 18, 2012

3 in 1


 This is serious! 2 months without any update? Rasa nak delete je blog ni. Hehe. Sorry for not writing any entry for the previous 2 months. Well, nak cakap busy tu, serious tak. Because I was busier before my midsem break. Lepas cuti midsem je, dah agak free.

Lots of thing happened within the two months. But, being me, I don't think I'll share them publicly, on this blog :) Share pengajaran yang dapat, insyaAllah yes.

Those things, which happened, made me..ntah la. I don't think 'stronger' is the exact word. Macam-macam yang terjadi, sampaikan kadang-kadang rasa macam "Eh, ni masalah ke?" (Haha. Ok. Not funny T____T).

Perhaps, I'm being optimist (or at least trying to be one). Because everytime I face a problem, I believe that Allah will help me. He will guide me. He will show me the solution. What's important is that I believe in Him, keep on praying and asking for help from Him. [Seriously, am I being optimist? I'm quite confuse actually]


"You are strong!"

"Awak ni kuatlah!"

People keep on telling me how they admire me for being strong (not literally, of course :P).

Travelling on my own, going to the registration for degree on my own (well, this is one of our biggest moments in our lives la kan?), being happy as if I have no problems.

But the truth is that, I am not that strong. Allah is. He's the one who made me strong. I always believe that Allah is always with me, so He'll take care of me. Whenever I'm travelling alone (once again, not literally, of course :P), I know I'm safe. And I know I'm never alone :)

Being happy as if I have no problems? Well, everyone has their own problems. Seriously! Be it friendship problems, relationship problems, family problems, financial problems. Semua orang ada masalah. The only difference is how you handle your problems :)

 And actually, someone told me that, it's not that I have no problems. It's just that I hide them from others, I didn't share with others. [Berat nanang kalau dah terbiasa pendam-pendam masalah ni. Tak reti nak share ngan kawan-kawan (T____T)]


 [Alang-alang dah update blog, jadi takpe la entry panjang deh :P]

Cuti 3 bulan, dah pun start officially on 4/6/2012, as soon as we finished our Enzymology exam. And the exam result will come out on 20/6/2012, after office hours. But, I'm not that excited or nervous to check the result. Perasaan masih neutral :)

So, what had I planned for my holidays? Firstly, of course, nak cari kerja. Preferably, kerja kat tadika or taska. Why? Sebab besttt main dengan budak-budak kecik ni! Siap boleh gadoh lagi! Haha. [I miss my gadoh-partner kat tadika dulu tu. Sila la cari dalam entry-entry lama, kalau rajin] :) But at the moment, terpaksa KIV dulu plan ni.

Next plan, I need to read books and finish reading them! Sebab buku kat hostel sangat banyak, berlambak kot! Tapi, mostly tak habis baca lagi -_-" So, I've brought home some books (maybe ten), tapi tak tebal la & not that heavy kot (I mean, the content of the book, not the weight). Plus, I have a number of unread PDFs in this laptop. InsyaAllah cukup untuk tambah ilmu, thaqafah semasa cuti ni.

Besides these two plans, I plan to learn the basic financial management. Tapi, setakat baca online websites je la. Baca pasal pelaburan emas, saham, cara-cara nak uruskan duit (well, actually tak baca lagi. Akan baca. Baru google je). Why? Because I think that the living cost nowadays is getting higher and higher. And yes, money is not everything, but we do need money right? So, I need to learn how to manage and spend my money wisely :)

Lagi? Personal development. Why? My kakak usrah once told us (my usrah-mates and me), that we need to find our strength and use it to the max, instead of focusing on our weakness only. Maksudnya, di samping membaiki kelemahan diri, kenalah tahu apa kekuatan masing-masing, supaya boleh digunakan untuk perjuangan Islam :)

And since that, I've been searching for my strength. Mesej orang tu, mesej orang ni tanya apa kekuatan diri sendiri. Pelik kan? Tanya orang lain pulak tentang kekuatan diri sendiri -_-" But, sometimes, people see us better than we see ourselves. At the moment, I'm reading 'The 7 habits of highly effective people' by Stephen R. Covey. Hopefully, I'll gain something beneficial and practical from the reading, insyaAllah :)

So, any suggestion on the 'personal development' a.k.a discovering the strength part? One of my friends suggested a book written by Marcus Buckingham, 'StandOut'. Tapi cari kat MPH, tak jumpa lagi. Well, any other suggestions, are most welcome :)

 P/s: Sorry for the longggg post..!