Sunday, May 26, 2013

Words. Kata-kata.


Was feeling quite down for the past couple of days. Tak pasti, adakah disebabkan diri yang tak begitu sihat? Ataupun disebabkan musim final exam (and I have lots to read! -_-")? Ataupun disebabkan mesej yang diterima di tumblr (ehh!)?

Hehe. No worries. Alhamdulillah, I am fine now ^^

Found a very interesting blog just now. And I must say, that the writer is such a wonderful muslimah (& solehah too, insyaAllah)! Alhamdulillah, inspired by her words.

I guess, it's true after all. We may not have the slightest idea how our words (in this case, our writings) may give an impact to others. So, choose your words wisely :)


Words Are Powerful

You can lift someone up,
or put someone down.

You can help someone,
or hurt someone.

You can make someone love you,
or hate you.

You can make a difference
in someone's life!


P/s (1): Sorry if this entry was not something you're looking for. Saja-saja update since dah lama tak menulis :)

P/s (2): Whoever you are (the one who sent me a message on tumblr), thanks for your advice! Really appreciate it :)

Thought of the day: Solehah; sebut senang, tapi nak capai? T__T Payah memang payah, perlu mujahadah setiap masa. Tapi, susah tak bererti mustahil, right? Doakan ^^